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Samaroid Dioramas is born as a concept album and has been composed between 2010 and 2011. Music and lyrics have been written following the idea of a parallelism between the path of human being becoming divine and his growing consciousness about complexity of structures that surrounds him. "Samaroid Dioramas" is a palindromic title connected with the inner structure of samara seed that reflect a diorama of universe. Artwork is inspired by this concept too, represented by 4 different boards of natural landscapes with metaphysical elements, studied as an overlayered trick for the listener.

01. Apoptosis
02. Apophenia
03.  - Phi
04. Vertex
05. Trismegistus
06. Samaroid
07. Samaroid / Dioramas
08. Dioramas

Total Lenght: 54' 13"

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Technical Data:
All musics, concepts and words behind the record are written by Matteo Bonera and Jonathan Panada. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Riccardo Pasini at Studio73 in Ravenna, Italy. Concept and Artworks designed by Matteo Bonera. Produced by Sunpocrisy.